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Five Benefits of Bitter Gourd (Kerala)

Almost every hates bitter gourd (Karela) because of its bitter taste and only few dare to eat it but do you know how beneficial bitter gourd is for your health? Here are five benefits of bitter gourds:

1) Studies prove that Bitter melon is a treatment for Type II Diabetes because it lowers blood sugar by increased glucose metabolism.

2) It was also found helpful in breaking kidney stones which is the best treatment to get rid of these stones from your body.

3) Bitter Gourd decreases the bad cholesterol level which means the risks for heart stroke and other heart related problems are decreased significantly.

4) Another benefit is making your skin more glowing and clear from acne and eczema. Try Bitter gourd soup to make your skin more beautiful.

5) It is also a natural liver tonic which improves the function of gallbladder, and is also found helpful for digestion and bowel problems.


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