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Indian Citizen’s Reaction On Burning Pakistani Flag

A video from India has become viral on social media in which Indian Youtuber is asking other Indians to set Pakistani Flag on fire to show their patriotism.

Most of the Indians rejected the offer to set Pakistani flag on fire saying that patriotism can’t be proofed by such acts. Some said that if we will burn Pakistani flag then in reaction someone from Pakistan will do the same and it will hurt our feelings and that’s why we should not promote such things.

Another girl who was a daughter of Indian Army officer said that my father has taught me to respect the national flags of others, no matter from which country they are.

Some people set Pakistani flag on fire, but when they were asked how will you feel if some Pakistani burn Indian flag, after this question they realized their mistake

While Hindu nationalists from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are calling for war against Pakistan the more educated class from India wants peace and better relationship with Pakistan


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