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Things You Should Eat To Become More Smart


With each passing year our brain losing its cells, especially after 50 we start forgetting simple things which we have been doing from years. But by following a healthy diet you can avoid such situation.

Like our body our brain also needs some nutrients which are necessary for a healthy nervous system and efficient brain.

Oily fish should be part of our diet because they are rich in Omega-3, which is very helpful in protecting us from getting diseases such as Alzheimer. EPA & DHA are fats which are present in omega-3 and are known prevent memory loss.

Vitamins are important and can be consumed through eggs and chicken. Especially B vitamins- B16 & B12 have been found to be effective in increasing the efficiency of brain. Vitamin K also increases cognitive function of brain and many studies have indicated that it makes our nervous system more effective, eat broccoli to get daily requirement of vitamin K.


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