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USA Deploys Its Tank And Army Near Russian Border

United States of America (USA) have sent it’s armoured brigade to Germany from where it will head towards Poland and will be deployed near Russian border.

The deployment of USA’s army 3rd Armoured Brigade Combat Team consisting 3500 troops along with 2800 Tanks, armoured vehicles (Humvees) and artillery is the biggest reinforcement since the cold war which ended in 1991.

US European Command Lieutenant General Tim Ray have said that it’s US strategy to deter Russian aggression. In 2014 Russia sent its forces in Ukraine and captured and annexed Crimea to Russia, other European states are fearing from similar invasions.


Recently Britain also sent 800 troops to Estonia which borders Russia and it is believed that some other countries will also send their forces.

Total number of US Troops in Europe is almost 70,000, it is also being said that soon a US Helicopter regiment will also be deployed in the area.



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