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What Does The Word Pepsi Means?

Many people ask question about what does Pepsi means? There are many stories circulating about the name of Pepsi but they are nothing but rumors. In reality the brand name ‘Pepsi’ comes from a natural enzyme produced in our stomach called ‘pepsin’.

Caleb Davis Bradham was a medical student but due to family circumstances was forced to leave his study and open a pharmacy store where he made the famous drink which he called ‘Brad’s Drink’ in 1893. Later he changed the name to Pepsi-Cola because he believed this drink is a healthy drink which helps indigestion.

Pepsi has its root from word dyspepsia which means ‘indigestion’. It was Caleb’s pharmacy knowledge and his medicine studies that gave this drink the brand name of ‘Pepsi’In 1903 the Pepsi-Cola reached its popularity with 20,000 gallon sales. This forced Bradham to franchise and sell the drink in bottles, by 1910 Pepsi ad 240 franchise. He also registered the trademark for the company with the same name.


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